Airtel Shocks Entire Tech World: In Talks With PUBG India For Partnership

What about Jio and PUBG trade rumors?

Bharti Airtel, one of India’s telecom giants, seems to be jumping on the lucrative PUBG ship. Most recent reports are stating that Airtel is in talks with South Korean game company PUBG Corp. to re-launch the PUBG’s mobile version as it was taken away from the app stores the previous month after facing the ban. Numerous rumors regarding the game returning with various partners or companies have surfaced during the last month.

This new report comes from Entrackr that the PUBG Corp is considering a partnership with Bharti Airtel as the similar rumors of a collaboration with Reliance Jio have died down. However, you may take them with a pinch of salt as most of the reports come from various sources, and there is no official statement from any side.

Indian Govt. banned PUBG Mobile at the start of September on the grounds, the game being a security hazard to the nation. So after the incident, PUBG Corp ended its association with Tencent Games (a Chinese company), which developed and marketized the mobile version, especially in Asia and globally.

What is With Airtel And PUBG?

The most recent news from an anonymous source tells about PUBG is in initial talks with airtel over India’s distribution rights. It also talks about how PUBG Corp is quite encouraged and persistent to bring back PUBG to India, suggesting they don’t want to miss out on such a profitable market.

Another interesting bit from the report was PUBG establishing a corp team in India, and they’re also conducting interviews for people with 4 to 6 years experience under their belt.

The reports also went viral last week and were continuously speculating a PUBG- Reliance Jio partnership to bring back the PUBG Mobile via Jio’s support.

This report spread like fire due to some government sources claiming that Jio and Pubg talks were on. Since then, the officials have stated that the game will not return as it is still a much aggressive and violent game for the youth. There seems to be something fishy about how the game FAU-G which takes its concept and inspiration from military scenarios and warfare, can be allowed to roll out in India.

PUBG Mobile got cut off along with 117 other Chinese apps, and it was the second mass ban of the apps this year after the border disputes rose high in China. PUBG Corp is sure to be eager to return to India as it lost 26 percent share of its market share and the title of being the most downloaded smartphone game. It has seen a drastic fall and now stands at number ten on the list of top downloads on Apple and Android app stores.

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