Android 11 Update Is Most Likely to Be Launched In September: Leaked News

Android has finally tightened the game with the new leak of Android 11 launch date. Although Google has not officially confirmed any date yet, it appears that Android 11 is officially launched but needs a warm-up to land on smartphones.

With the new leak by Google, we got the idea when it is going to be made official. Our estimate says it will be possibly launched on 8th September. We might see Android 11 update in particular devices around this date as the leak suggests.

Speaking of the video that has been on news for the last couple of days, Michele Turner who is a Product Management Director of the Smart Home Ecosystem Division at Google hosted a video. The video was about the online summit of smartphones, it had a section of the checklist of Android 11 Update September 8. 

For clarification, the Video has been pulled by Google, when Browsreview and others wrote about it. But nothing has been confirmed yet, nor do we have the list of phones which is going to receive the update.

The company has not officially announced the launch date but we can expect Android 11 Update hitting our phones somewhere in September this year.

The video was available on Youtube but now has been removed as we mentioned about reporting the story. The checklist for Android 11 September 8 can be seen in this screenshot

Android 11 launch date
Image source: Google

as it says:

A Possible Android 11 Date

It makes a lot of sense to expect the launch in September because Android 10 launched last year in September. 

Moreover, with the announcement of the iPhone 12 launch and new iOS 14 update are to be down in September, it would be a smart move for Android to grab some attention by making Android 11 official on September 8.

We are not aware of which devices are going to get the update as the list is pretty unclear. But we are sure if you have a Google Pixel device, you will be the first to get the update on your device. Although the original pixel devices won’t be getting Android 11. 

Google is planning on launching Google Pixel 4a and Google Pixel 5 soon this year. These devices might come with the Android 11.

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