10 Best Laptops to buy in India in 2021

Find which is the best Laptop today with excellent performance and master-class hardware.

Greetings, everyone, and we welcome you to our laptop buying guide. In this day and age where gadgets like Smartphones, Smartwatches, and even Tablets have made commonplace in our lives, Laptops still stand as the go-to device for all the massive and professional work. Whether it’s large amounts of media processing, emails, graphics designing, or pretty much any processing work, modern-day laptops can easily carry it out. The Laptops are best as they combine a Desktop computer’s power with a compact and portable body.

The laptops are getting better day by day, and in 2021 you’ll rarely find a Notebook that will not enhance your outputs. Although today in India, there are several Top Laptop options. The best ones prove to be remarkable in every section, such as processors, power backup, display, graphics, and a sleek body. All these features are available at great Laptop deals today in India. Any Laptop you choose should have excellent power backup to support the vibrant displays and extended media or office tasks. Also, a well-balanced notebook should have apt graphics to let you enjoy the gaming experience. When you’re buying the perfect device, you prefer the aesthetics part too, that is why a sleek body with a great keyboard and a responsive touchpad is necessary, and bezel-less displays are a charm.

Judging on those parameters, the Dell XPS 13 is at the top of the laptops you can buy in India in 2021. This device is not perfect in a particular performance area, but overall, it is the most balanced and will be perfect for any user. It has productivity, looks, and graphics at the best price you’ll get.

Other picks on our list come from industry giants like MacBook Air and Asus ROG laptops and other prominent brands.

Top Ten Laptops In India In 2021.

1 The Dell XPS 13 

Our Top Pick For Laptops In India.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that this is the Best Laptop you can buy right now in India. Intel’s advanced 10th gen processors back this aesthetically pleasing device. The body has such a design as if it’s been crafted for beauty. You get to see a premium texture on the back panel, and the whole screen gives a unique curved look from the backside. The display has one of the Thinnest bezels ever, and it produces color wonderfully with integrated Intel Graphics.

The keyboard is well extended and has proportionate division so you can effortlessly carry out comprehensive typing tasks. This device has well over six hours of battery backup on the one go, and you can take this piece of tech anywhere as it is so Lightweight. The ground-breaking 8GB DDR4 RAM means you’re never lagging on your tasks, entertainment, and gaming. The Portability, good Battery-life, Intel-core Processor, and 512GB SSD make this device rank top in our list. The display, however, is the charm with HD-graphics.

2 MacBook Air 2021 

A Mac User’s New Partner.

Apple MacBook, or to precisely say a Macbook is part of Apple’s extended device range. If you’re a part of the ecosystem or already own a MacBook, you’ll be more than eager to go for another. That is why the MacBook Air 2021 is the newest addition to the Apple franchise, and it’s catching a lot of eyes.

MacBook ranks second in our list because of some improvements from the past variants. First of all, you get to see a better keyboard borrowed from Macbook Pro’s design, and an option for three processing variants makes this device much more user-friendly. You can avail of the top variant at M1 Intel-Core i7 1.2 GHz quad-core and the other is M1 Intel i5 1.2Ghz quad-core.

The top variant effortlessly handles any heavy tasks while the mid variant has also shown pretty good performance. The compact meta of Macbook Air with a 13.3-inch display and second to none build quality makes this one of the best.


It is a killer Gaming Machine.

The ROG range from Asus has provided excellent gaming laptops in India, and the ZEPHYRUS G14 is a beast in this area. It has two highlighted, which makes it rank so high on our list. First is the price, making this a Budget-Friendly laptop in this segment if we compare it to other devices. Next is the range of Specs for blazing performance. You get AMD’s Ryzen 9 4900HS chip with the Nvidia RTX 2060 Max-Q GPU and a refresh rate of 120Hz for lag-free gaming sessions. We also found a great battery backup extending up to 9hrs, considering this device is a gaming laptop.

The Laptop is quite suitable for official work, too, as it is lightweight and resumes excellent performance throughout any processing field.


The Premium Option For Mac Lovers.

MacBook Pro 16-inch variant launched in 2020 is the best Laptop for Apple users in India. This device is the powerful and premium variant of the MacBook range, and that’s why it has such a price tag. If you’re the one who is used to Apple’s excellence and bent on getting the most premium hardware, then the MacBook Pro is there for you. 

Apple is considered a remarkable innovator in terms of design, and this Laptop also comes with cool features like a 1-mm key renovated keyboard and crips sounding speakers. The 16-inch Retina display, AMD Radeon Pro 5600M, 4GB GDDR6 RAM make this notebook a mega performer. If you have vast professional requirements, then don’t hesitate to go for MacBook Pro 2021 as it will handle every task you throw at it.

5. HP ENVY X360 (2020)

The Most Balanced Ultrabook in India.

Whether you opt for the most expensive notebook or not, the market’s fair share is occupied by mid-range devices. The HP Envy X360 is the perfect mid-range laptop with the best of both world’s hardware and software features.

The first thing that will surely grab your attention is the design and build. The Laptop has a 360° Hinge screen and an FHD plus touch display making this a great Convertible Laptop. You can turn it over and use it as your tablet. Also, the screen has micro-edges, so the touch experience is surreal. The aptly placed keys and gradient finish are a charm to its design.

We consider this Laptop an excellent buy for the price as supported by the 3rd Gen Ryzen 5 4500U processor and Intel Integrated Graphics. This notebook is a user’s dream gadget as you can easily carry out professional tasks. Still, the gaming is also impressive with the power of Ryzen 4500 U. This Laptop only weighs at 1.3 KGs, and you would love the 2-in-1 design. The fingerprint scanner also adds to the security.


Most Secure And Fast Option For Corporates.

Although there are numerous business laptops out there, The HP Elite Dragonfly stands as one of the most pricey and elite out of them all. The Laptop has an exceptional price, but you get security and privacy in return, which is second to none. As a corporate, you get security features like a tinted screen prohibiting sneaking while you’re working out in public, and when it’s indoors, you can turn up a highly bright display. You also get the Tile App, which locates your Laptop through your smartphone and their service in case you lose it, or it gets stolen.

The Laptop is built from recycled materials and has a tremendous battery backup lasting almost 12 hours on moderate use. The business tasks also get quicker when you can turn your Laptop into a tablet with an effortless 2-in-1 switch. Performance is also exceptional, and if you matter the privacy and security over price, then go for this Laptop without any doubt.


Chromebook – The Best Option For Beginners.

If you’re a beginner or just looking for the first Laptop for your kids or want a backup device, then Chromebooks are for you. Lenovo Duet is one of the best this segment has to offer. A Chromebook has an excellent balance in terms of budget-friendly prices and moderate tasks. This 10-inch Laptop has incredible battery life, almost 1kg of weight, and a detachable keyboard. This Lenovo Chromebook holds some of the most modern notebooks features, but on the other hand, you have to be satisfied with the average performance of a Mediatek chipset. 

This gadget is not built for heavy tasks; instead, Chromebook presents a perfect balance between smartphones and premium laptops. Enjoy media and Android gaming experience on the Chrome OS. Also, you can use it as a tablet.


A Gaming Laptop You Can Easily Carry Around.

Razer has been dominating the gaming scene with power-packed gaming notebooks. Traditional Gaming laptops have been knocking it out of the park in performance, but they’re held back by the bulky size, weight, and longer time to charge the battery. But the Razer Blade Pro 17 seems to break all the norms and proves to be excellent as an overall laptop too.

Razer Blade is compact and a Convertible laptop. You can even enjoy higher refresh rate gaming via the 4k 17-inch touch screen. Now, as the design innovation, it is an Ultra-thin laptop that comes with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (6GB) and 32 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, all backed by the core i7 processor.

9. HP SPECTRE X360 13 ( 2019)

Play and Perform With This 2-in-1 Laptop.

Spectre X360 from HP emits a premium feel seen in most expensive laptops lit there. You get a 2-in-1 laptop that will perform excellently like others, but the sheer build improvement is fascinating. First of all, it is the definition of an ultra-sleek notebook with a thickness lesser than an inch and weight under a kilogram. 

This Laptop is a dream gadget for a traveler, and the portability aspect doesn’t compromise on the keyboard and the display. A thin Bezel 13-inch display with full HD graphics and a distinctly advanced trackpad make HP an excellent Windows Laptop.

10 MACBOOK PRO 13 (2020)

Advance MacBook Pro Designed To Be A Daily Driver.

Apple has diversified its products, whether they’re iPhones or Macbooks. Such a balanced and in-between product is MacBook Pro 13. This product is especially great for Indian markets as it is a better variant of the MacBook Air but isn’t as expensive as the Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch. The balanced meta of this Laptop makes this a perfect multi-tasking machine with outstanding typing experience.

You get a bright display, fantastic sound quality, and two variants to choose from. While the average user may suffice with the case version with the 8th-Gen Intel processor but the advisable move would be to go for the 10th-Gen model, so the relevancy and performance last longer. Also, the 10th-Gen version may be more expensive, but at the same time, it can carry out any operations like designing, editing, or gaming with its 16 GB RAM and 512GB SSD. The cherry on the top is that even the better version of the MacBook Pro 13 is a cheap laptop compared to the MacBook Pro 16. 

So here, we conclude our list. We hope that you like our picks. Remember, a Good laptop becomes best only when it suits your requirements.

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