Best VPNs in 2021: Tested, Compared and Reviewed

The evolution of Virtual Private Networks has given new hope to internet users to save themselves from the piracy threat and attacks on the open Internet. The VPNs that provide exceptional security and cover your presence on the Internet are a must-have for all Netizens of this generation. 

Let’s look at some of the advanced and most excellent VPN services of the year 2021. 

#1 ExpressVPN

express vpn review by brosreview
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The Best in the class VPN service across all platforms 

In our tests, ExpressVPN performed impressively and flawlessly, which underlines the fact that at present, ExpressVPN is the best in the class. 

Major Highlights of Express VPN

  • Exhibits efficient performance on multiple platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, etc. 
  • Control over the streaming content in platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc. 
  • Huge server base, consisting of more than 3000 servers
  • Connects to nearly 160 locations, spread across 94 countries 
  • Supports a maximum of 5 devices
  • Provides 24/7 chat support and assistance, including a 30-day free trial 

Express VPN Pricing

  • 1-month plans quoted at $12.95 every month 
  • 6-month plans quoted at $9.99 every month 
  • 12-month plans quoted at $6.67 every month 

Express VPN Pros 

  • The versatility to perform at any of the device platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, etc. 
  • No compromise with the security, as the VPN data is encrypted enterprise-level security. 
  • 24/7 support and assistance to the users from assured
  • Once again, no commitment to the secured location can be a safe spot in all 94 countries. 

Express VPN Cons

  • Only five connections established at a time 

ExpressVPN knows no stops as it performed just great in our performance and speed tests. Its versatility over a massive number of platforms is a notable highlight, which includes all prominent platforms like Android, Windows iOS, etc. 

With a beautiful server base and 3000+ high-performing servers at nearly 160 locations, ExpressVPN deserves a place at the top. It also supports several streaming devices and platforms. Moreover, the best end to end encryption, kill the switch, safeguarding against the DNS leak. 

There aren’t many limitations, but it can only hold up to 5 devices at a time compared to other VPN services. 

#2 Surfshark

Surfshark VPN review by Brosreview
Image source: Artiiseo

The speed at its unlimited and best form 

Surfshark is one of the fastest VPN services which offer unlimited connectivity over any number of devices. Yes, Surfshark is creating new horizons in the VPN market with its unique features and other specifications. 

Major Highlights of Surfshark

  • Extreme versatility over a significant number of platforms, like Windows, Android, Linux, etc
  • A whopping server base, consisting of more than 1700 servers
  • Unlimited devices connected to the VPN service simultaneously
  • Provides round the clock service and assistance via chat 
  • More than 100 locations all around the globe in 63 countries
  • 30-day free trial services offered and plans are way affordable 

Surfshark Pricing 

  • 1-month plans quoted at $11.95 every month 
  • 12-month plans quoted at $5.99 every month
  • 24-month plans quoted at $1.99 every month 

Surfshark Pros 

  • The monthly deals are unbelievably high, the best deals for a premium VPN service
  • Cleared the speed test with beautiful results, a good option if you’re concerned about the speed issue
  • The coverage of connectivity to unlimited devices, at a time

Surfshark Cons

  • A reduced performing android application with poor standards
  • The outlook, appearance, and performance to a reasonable extent seems merely satisfactory 

Surfshark is the best VPN for you if you’re looking for a simple and basic one with mid-range features. Surfshark is probably the cheapest VPN service you can afford and earn a lot of value in return. 

It’s the ability to connect unlimited devices simultaneously, a unique feature at this cost. 

Surfshark provides an easy-to-use, user-friendly interface that establishes quick connections and completely protects your data. Equipped with all the necessary and mid-range features, this is the best you can go with for the beginning stage. 

#3 NordVPN

Nord Vpn review by Brosreview
Image source: NordVPN

The Lord of all the VPN services tested as the best 

NordVPN is a fierce competition to even the best of the best VPN services, with its exemplary set of features and specifications. 

Major Highlights of NordVPN

  • An extensive server base of more than 5,400 servers 
  • More than 80 locations for the servers, in nearly 60 countries around the globe
  • Round the clock chat support and assistance for all your issues and queries
  • Compatible for up to 6 devices at the same time 
  • Starting from Android, a comprehensive platform base extending to iOS, Windows, Linux, etc. 
  • It also supports almost all of the primary streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. 

NordVPN Pricing

  • The one month plan quoted at $11.95 every month 
  • The six-month plan quoted at $9.00 every month 
  • The one year plan quoted at $6.99 every month 
  • The two-year plan quoted at $4.99 every month
  • The three-year plan quoted at $3.49 every month 

NordVPN Pros 

  • High speed and performance at all the available platforms
  • According to the plans, the maximum connectivity of 6 devices is worth the money spent 
  • Exhibited stable performance in all the preliminary tests 

NordVPN Cons

  • Highly varying, unstable performance during the extended time usage
  • The past issues and controversies regarding the encryption security of NordVPN 

NordVPN is undoubtedly an elite-level-performing VPN service with a vast server base of more than 5,400. NordVPN, equipped with all significant prime VPN features and specifications, including the kill switch, DNS protection, and unbelievably high connecting and download speed. 

Even though NordVPN has many past issues and controversies over its internal security level, the present upgraded version seems much promising and an ideal pick for the mid-range to premium level VPN users. Within no time after the controversies, NordVPN bounced back at being a fierce competition for existing VPN service providers. 

#4 CyberGhost 

CyberGhost VPN review by brosreview
Image source: androidpolice

A spectacular VPN provider with customization at its fullest

Cyberghost has affordable plans and an extended trial period for a mind-blowing VPN experience with great extents of customizability. 

Major Highlights of CyberGhost

  • An extended trial period of 45 days, compared to the other standard VPN services, provided just a 30 day trial period. 
  • Compatible with almost all primary streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, etc.
  • A magnificent base of servers counting to more than 6,300
  • It perfectly works on all major device platforms, too, like Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, etc. 
  • A total of more than 110 locations for the servers and spread over 90 different counties in total 
  • Round the clock assistance provided for queries and concerns through chat 
  • Supports up to 7 different devices at a time with the same account 

CyberGhost Pricing 

  • The one month plans quoted at $12.99 every month 
  • The six-month plans quoted at $7.99 every month
  • The one year plans quoted at $2.75 every month

CyberGhost Pros 

  • The VPN updates are highly advanced and stuffed with a bunch of great features
  • Also supports the use and download of torrents through the VPN
  • The tests showed impressive levels of results with the performance of the VPN 

CyberGhost Cons

  • An unstable interface with a lot of complications 

One of the biggest VPN providers from the European continent took no time to get a lot of regular users with its technologically aggressive updates and user experience. 

CyberGhost has all of it that you ever want from a VPN service reasonably. The automatic picking of the best server saves you the time, effort, and headache involved in picking the best servers. 

Ads blocking to providing encrypted safeguarded connections is impressive at an extended trial period of 45 days. Except for the complications in the user experience on desktops, it is an excellent VPN service. 

#5 IPVanish 

ip vanish review by Brosreview
Image source: IPVanish

The one-stop solution for all your VPN needs 

IPVanish is a mighty VPN with complete control over its applications. It is a better option to go for in the high-end, mid-range category of VPN service providers with unlimited connectivity. 

Major Highlights of IPVanish

  • Unlimited device support and connectivity to the same VPN account 
  • Total number of servers counting to 1,500 which is a great thing, considering the price
  • Round the clock chat support for guidance and assistance in case of query or clarification 
  • An extended trial period of 30 days and after that, cheaper and affordable plans awaits you
  • More than 75 locations of the server, spread across more than 50 countries
  • It can handle multiple platforms of devices like Android, Linux, Windows
  • It also supports a variety of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. 

IPVanish Pricing 

  • The one month plan quoted at $8.00 every month 
  • The three-month plan quoted at $7.20 every month
  • The 12-month plan quoted at $5.20 every month 

IPVanish Pros 

  • The super fast assistance provided 24/7 in the chat section 
  • The applications submitted are mighty and are of great use 
  • All the servers are properties of IPVanish only and not rented or leased; hence better control over the servers
  • The unbeatable upload and download pace, tested multiple times for different servers 

IPVanish Cons

  • The difficulty in handling and using the applications 

The applications provided by the VPN are its most significant advantage. Adequately priced and equipped with the specifications that match the price paid. The user interface is highly customer-friendly, but the applications are a little complex to handle. Excellent assistance through the chat window, round the clock, is of great use to beginners. 

#6 Private Internet Access 

Private Internet Access VPN
Image source: PrivateInternetAccessVPN

An underrated VPN service provider among the big fishes 

It does not necessarily talk of the town kind of VPN service provider but equipped with a specific set of features and specifications that qualify as a hotshot mid-range VPN service at an affordable price. 

Major Highlights of Private Internet Access 

  • Supports up to 10 devices of varying platforms at the same time 
  • A vast server base consisting of more than 2600 servers
  • A decent number of server locations spread over 45 countries with 65 locations 
  • A free trial period of 30 days
  • Perfectly compatible in all significant device platforms like Mac, Android, windows which has more number of users 
  • Access to any of the servers of prominent streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. 

Private Internet Access Pricing

  • The six-month plans quoted at $5.99 every month 
  • The 12 month plans quoted at $3.33 every month 

Private Internet Access Pros

  • For an affordable plan, the account handled at ten different devices at a time 
  • Available with an attractive bunch of applications, tailor-made for the platform
  • Best value for the money spent considering the specifications and features of the VPN service

Private Internet Access Cons

  • The chat assistance provided isn’t available for the user 
  • The windows version of the VPN is highly unstable and complicated 

Private internet access is not a big competition for the finest players of the VPN industry but still an essential and neat VPN service that impresses us with the specifications at this price. There’s a kill switch, an advanced encryption system, and the safeguarding of the applications. 

During the performance and speed test, Private Internet Access put up a great show and qualifies as the right VPN service provider, promising the quality and value for the money spent. 

#7 Hotspot Shield 

The best available shield to safeguard your privacy. 

Hotspot Shield is another contender for the cheapest and best value-for-money VPN service. Hotspot shield has a highly user-friendly interface that is simple, smooth, and easy to handle. 

Major Highlights of Hotspot Shield

  • An extended trial period of 45 days, which is just 30 in many of the VPN services
  • Access to all the servers of major streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, iPlayer, etc. 
  • Simultaneously supporting up to a maximum of 5 devices of different platforms
  • Almost all the device platforms are compatible, including iOS, Linux, Android, Mac, etc. 
  • Around the clock chat support and assistance for the doubts and queries from the expert team
  • An excellent server base of more than 3,200 plus servers
  • In more than 80 countries, the server locations, scattered to more than 130 locations

Hotspot Shield Pricing

  • The one-month plans quoted at $12.99 every month
  • The one-year plans quoted at $7.99 every month
  • The three-year plans quoted at $2.99 every month 

Hotspot Shield Pros 

  • One of the cheapest VPN service available at the best value for money 
  • Easy to use and highly user-friendly interface, also provided with 24/7 expert assistance
  • Excellent upload and download speeds recorded during the performance and speed tests 

Hotspot Shield Cons

  • A weak and unstable platform for the Android and iOS platforms 

The hotspot shield VPN comes in with two options. A limited VPN service, which is entirely free of cost with limited features and specifications, and the premium pack of VPN, all the features and specs unlocked at a monthly payment. 

Hotspot Shield is overall an excellent VPN service with a special mention of the superb download speed among almost all the servers. Also, the extended 45-day trial gives you enough time to think about getting a long-term plan. 

#8 StrongVPN

Steady as a rock in protecting the privacy of the users 

Establishes a secure connection, offers reliable protection, and guarantees money back if the VPN dissatisfies you. A simple but powerful VPN service to consider, especially for its flexible and affordable plans 

Major Highlights of StrongVPN

  • A maximum of 12 devices connected at the same time, which is a pretty good number 
  • Supports almost all of the platforms of multiple devices like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc. 
  • Spread across more than 30 countries and 60+ locations for the server 
  • Provides round the clock assistance to the users from the experts 
  • It is compatible with the servers of almost all major streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. 
  • A free trial period of 30 days allotted before the payment for the plan
  • Nearly 1000 servers used for ensuring, the best service is delivered to the users 

StrongVPN Pricing 

  • The one month plan quoted at $10 every month 
  • The 12-month plan quoted at $5.83 every month 

StrongVPN Pros 

  • The testing phase showed the excellent speed of the servers, connection and switching 
  • The extreme level of protection for the users with the no-logging policy
  • If the user is dissatisfied with the service, the money paid back to them

StrongVPN Cons

  • Way too basic and straightforward with the performance and the user interface
  • The number of servers operated by the service providers is less than that of other similar VPN service providers

Establish a connection on up to 12 devices at a time and focus more on safeguarding the user’s privacy and information than building fancy interfaces and setups. 

Right from the no-logging policy, StrongVPN has a bunch of other security features that are among the hardest to break and safeguards the data of the user pretty well. 

#9 ProtonVPN 

Simple yet one of the most potent VPN in the business 

ProtonVPN is one of the most popular VPN for smartphones and low-end devices. ProtonVPN is tailor-made to suit the requirements and the interface of Android and iOS. 

Major Highlights of ProtonVPN

  • The premium plans will support a maximum of 5 devices at a time
  • Some of the prominent streaming platforms accessed including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, etc
  • They offer a free trial period of 30 days before the premium pack
  • Compatible on almost all of the device platforms like Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, etc
  • The mid-range server base of nearly 800+ servers all over the globe
  • More than 50 locations for the servers, spread across 50 different countries 

ProtonVPN Pricing 

  • The basic plan of ProtonVPN quoted at $4.00 every month
  • The plus plan of ProtonVPN quoted at $8.00 every month 

ProtonVPN Pros 

  • Unlimited connections established on the free version of the VPN service 
  • The developers behind the ProtonVPN service are high-end experts 
  • Unique and a massive bunch of features to try out in the premium versions 

ProtonVPN Cons

  • Fresh and currently limited in all the scenarios like geography, features, and specifications, etc

ProtonVPN is a small but sensible and new-age VPN service that is in the process of creating its customer and user base. 

The developers of ProtonVPN are the best in the business. The unique and outstanding set of features and ideas are still in the development process. Therefore ProtonVPN can create a significant impact on the VPN market soon.

It is a highly promising VPN service provider with an exceptional, basic set of features. The server’s speed was a bit unsatisfying, but since it’s only the beginning stage, there are all chances of ProtonVPN getting into the bigger league. 

#10 TunnelBear 

One of the most trusted and safest VPN Network, widespread among smartphones, both Android and iOS users

TunnelBear is one of the most downloaded VPN service providers with an excellent rating at the smartphone download market. The easy-to-use smartphone interface is its biggest attraction. 

Major Highlights of TunnelBear

  • Limited but excellent performance on streaming platforms like YouTube, Hulu, etc.
  • Different compatible interfaces for major device platforms like Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android
  • Spread around more than 23 locations and bases in nearly 23 countries
  • The extensive server base which counts to more than a thousand 
  • It simultaneously supports up to 5 devices in the same account 

TunnelBear Pricing 

  • The one month plan quoted at $9.99 every month
  • The one year plan quoted at $4.99 every month
  • The three-year plan quoted at $3.33 every month 

TunnelBear Pros 

  • Easy to use interface which is highly customer friendly 
  • A variety of applications and software which are of great use
  • Excellent protection over privacy and personal information 

TunnelBear Cons

  • Slightly slower connection speed and server speed noted during the test phase
  • Not recommended for the people who love streaming because it won’t support most of the streaming platforms 
  • No free trial period for the users 

Tunnelbear is a reliable VPN service with a considerable emphasis on the security and protection of users’ privacy and personal information. Otherwise, the features and specifications, rated as the low end to moderate, which does not offer users much. 

But still, it has enough to satisfy the users who just want a decent VPN experience. The users who prefer low-end activities and want to keep their private information at a cheaper rate, opt for TunnelBear VPN.

#11 VyprVPN

Privacy as the priority can get through any server to provide an excellent VPN experience.

Extreme features ensure the privacy protection of the users with the help of a no-logging policy, own DNS, and a bunch of other specifications. 

Major Highlights

  • One of the best VPN platforms to stream Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, etc
  • Round the clock assistance over chat from the expert team 
  • It also provides a free trial period of 30 days. 
  • Efficient and compatible with significant device platforms like iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, etc.
  • Total number of servers counting to more than 700 all over the globe
  • Nearly 70 locations of servers spread across 66 countries 
  • A maximum of 5 devices can be accessed using the VPN account at the same time. 


  • The one month plan quoted at $12.95 every month
  • The one year plan quoted at $3.75 every month
  • The two-year plan quoted at $2.50 every month 


  • Excellent set of specifications to perfect the security and privacy concerns
  • Policies like no logging and DNS to safeguard the personal information
  • Supports almost all of the streaming platforms and their servers 


  • The windows version of the VyprVPN is a poor performing one with a negligible interface
  • The repeated tests conducted in the speed isn’t much satisfactory as they dropped frequently

VyprVPN, based in Switzerland, is a fantastic pick if you are more concerned about the safety and protection of private data. 

It is a growing VPN service that lacks updates to its features and specifications, and with the required additions made, it will qualify as one of the best VPN service providers on a global scale. 

#12 Windscribe 

Unlimited connections? Here’s the best VPN service with no limits to the connections

Best for the low-end operations using the VPN, and if you have a lot of devices to connect and boot up, then Windscribe is a favorable option to go.

Major Highlights

  • Unlimited device support and connectivity for the premium packs
  • Availability of the free version instead of the trial for limited days
  • Compatibility over a wide range of device platforms like Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, etc. 
  • The users can access a total of more than 400 servers
  • The server base is spread across more than 110 locations, placed in 62 countries
  • Streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, iPlayer, etc. can be accessed with ease at any location


  • The one month plan quoted at $9.00 every month
  • The one year plan quoted at $4.08 every month 


  • There are no limits to the number of devices which can be connected 
  • A transparent privacy policy that defines the security and privacy measures
  • 10GB data provided every month 


  • Very less number of servers compared to the other players in the market
  • The developers provide no assistance or support 

Windscribe is one such VPN service that provides you with everything, like accessibility to several streaming platforms, compatibility with a lot of devices and versions, maximum protection of your data but not with much assistance or more excellent upgrades. 

#13 KeepSolid VPN Unlimited 

A budget VPN provider with an easy to use, customer-friendly interface 

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited has a variety of plans offered to enhance the user experience and choice allotted to users to pick from the price range. 

Major Highlights

  • The server count reaching more than 400
  • Nearly more than 80 locations for servers spread across 50+ countries
  • Different plans catering to various features and specifications 
  • Maximum connectivity of devices is limited to 10 ranging from 5-10 according to the chosen plan
  • Connectivity over most of the prominent device platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, etc. 
  • Compatibility with different servers of streaming platforms like Amazon, Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, etc. 


  • The one month plan quoted at $9.99 every month
  • The one year plan quoted at $5.00 every month 
  • The lifetime plan quoted at $199.99 every month 


  • The test phase recorded a faster setup of connections 
  • All major streaming platforms available at a lower price
  • Highly affordable and even comes with a lifetime plan 


  • Not every device can be connected to the VPN service, which causes high dissatisfaction
  • Limits in the maximum device connectivity 

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is a highly personalized VPN platform with different plans catering to various features and specifications. The users can choose wisely from the available ones. 

The flexibility of the plans ranging from one month to a lifetime is cheap and affordable. 

#14 HideMyAss! VPN

From the House of Avast, the prominent Antivirus seller 

Undoubtedly one of the biggest private VPN providers, from the house of Avast. The best quality applications and software, along with the VPN services, are reliable, safeguarding, and attractive pick. 

Major Highlights

  • More than 1000 servers to connect to from all over the world
  • There are more than 290 locations! Which is the most significant number spread across almost all the countries around the globe, counting to more than 190
  • Supports up to 5 devices at a time 
  • High-end compatibility with all accessories and their platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, etc


  • The 12 month plans quoted at $6.99 every month
  • The 24 month plans quoted at $4.99 every month
  • The 36 month plans quoted at $3.99 every month 


  • One of the biggest network of servers 
  • The tests on speed proved in the miraculous pace of servers
  • An easy to handle user interface


  • No basic plans available
  • Some of the applications are of poor quality and performance

The HMA is undoubtedly the largest VPN service provider with a mind-blowing server base that has connectivity to almost all countries of the world. 

From the speed provided to the piracy concerns, HMA is a great pick to choose from. 


These are some of the handpicked VPN services which bring you more exceptional quality and service from all angles. Choose the right VPN host for you and enjoy your own private space on the open Internet.

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