How to Change or Reset your Amazon Password?

Amazon has expanded its horizons a lot in recent times. We enjoy a variety of Amazon services like Prime, Prime Music, Prime Video, and more. All these luxuries are accessible through our single Amazon account. You only need to log into your Amazon account and personal password on these platforms and apps.

So only credentials you have are your e-mail and your password. Talking specifically about your Amazon password, you will realize that it needs to be very strong and protected. It would be best if you do not have passwords like “Yourname123” or “alphabets in sequence” because you access payment services and other sensitive info through your account. 

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 It will be safe to change your password at regular intervals and choose a strong password consisting of symbols, numerical, and alphabets.

Whenever you want to change your Amazon password, there is not much trouble around it. But sometimes we may get lost in the process of any particular site or miss any step during that. So to clear that confusion, we are providing a How-To-Guide for altering your Amazon Password.

 Please follow this process, and you won’t have any tension regarding the security of your Amazon account then.

Process of Changing Your Password.

Starting Up

 Amazon has made it quite convenient to alter your account password. First of all, decide on the platform where you want to log in. Our advice would be to use the Amazon website for this process.

First Step

 Go to Amazon site and search for the option ‘Accounts and List’ in the title or known as the tabs. It’s on the right side of the navigation tool. In this option, you’ll find a list of features. Select ‘Your Account’ from the catalog that unfolds before you.

 Second Step

 After that, you’ll find a bunch of options related to your account, select the ‘Login and Security’ option. Now the screen will show the protracted info about your account like e-mail, passwords, contacts, etc. Select the password tab, which will have your password written in asterisks ahead of it. Go for the ‘Edit’ button.

 Final Step

 A screen will appear prompting you to enter a new password. Enter the desired credentials in the new password tab, re-enter, and verify it in the second tab at the bottom. The site will show the strength of your password and check it. Once you’re sure, go to the button ‘Save Changes,’ so the process is complete.

Now your password is altered, and you’ll get an e-mail notification confirming the success.

Process of Resetting Your Amazon Password.

Well, the need for resetting your password arises, assuming that you forget it. This bit is somewhat different from changing your password. Don’t worry it’ll be not complicated with this explained process-


Wherever you’re logging in, whether it’s the site or the app, look for the ‘Forgot Your Password’ option just under the password tab. The next screen will ask to enter your registered contact number or E-mail id. Remember to enter the official info which is integrated with your account.


New screen will have a row titled ‘Enter Your OTP.’ Wait on this screen until you get the OTP.


The OTP will reach in the mail or as an SMS on your contact number. Check your E-mail ID or text box to check this code. After obtaining this code, enter it into the OTP row on the Amazon site.

Final Step:

On the further screen, you’ll have the option to type in your new password. There are specific regulations regarding the password, make sure you choose the new password following them. Now enter the desired password in both the ‘Enter’ and ‘Re-enter’ tab. The site will verify the password to be the same.

Click on ‘Save The Changes’ and voila you have a new password. Now you’ll be required to enter these new credentials for logging in.

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