Google Maps outlines the COVID-19 map showing the hardest-hit regions

We still have not come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, but during this, many global brands like Google has been working on their apps and services to provide the best and accurate data related to the current situation. A new leak suggests that Google may be working on a new layout for google maps, which indicates the areas with COVID-19 outbreaks and its intensity.

Twitter user Jane Wong, in their recent tweet, put out the image with such information. The tweet shows a new layer on Google Maps with options like traveling, transport, traffic, vehicles, and 3D view and a new viewing option named ”COVID-19″.

It shows that when you select the COVID-19 option, there is more explicit segmentation between different regions and states of the US. Next, you get to see the separate color coding for areas where the COVID-19 is worst. Although there is no accurate information about how this distinction is made, we provide some images that present an idea about how it works. This map has the same characteristics as the map on the CDC website.

It seems that Google is outsourcing data from all massive institutions like the NY Times, Wiki, John Hopkins University, and BMC – Mumbai, India. Currently, this Maps variant will be provided to people in the US at the initial phase. The next location is going to be in Canada and so on. Observing the data collection, we can also assume that it will be launched to a broader userbase and at a global level.

Still, we can’t put our finger on a date for the arrival of this feature. Speculations show it’ll be out soon, and Google has been continuously working on making lives better during this pandemic. Some of the steps are much innovative, like warnings for the mask, hotel rooms, travel status depending on COVID, takeaway, and order facility at restaurants, and helping in medical conditions and locations.

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