How to fix the heating issues of your smartphone?

Thanks to Global Warming, there are plenty of people whose phone gets hot, and it’s not even summering yet. It becomes a challenge, especially when you want to click a beautiful picture, check navigation, or call others to confirm the route while out. 

The heating can be minimized, and you don’t have to bear it or cry about it. As there are a couple of methods that can cool down your smartphone or at least stop it from getting extremely hot. These are not the ones where we’ll ask you to dunk it in water or switch it off or forget about it for a while. Those can be helpful but also could be bad ideas.

To help the mobile phone survive the hot global temperature or summer seasons, here are some suggestions to stop it from overheating or keeping it cool in warm weather.

1. Keep it away from the heat 

On a toasty day, you need to find a shade to protect yourself against heat, so does your phone. Try and keep your phone away from direct sunlight, as the UV rays could warm up your phone real fast. If at home, avoid keeping your phone near a window or go on an outing (picnic), so slid it under your blanket.

Likewise, do not keep your phone unattended in a packed chamber, greenhouse, or car or anywhere else that would toast up your phone just as it would do to you. This will protect your device from heating up quickly.

2. Remove the back cover

Remove that back cover and let your device breathe
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The back cover of your device keeps it snug in cold weather; however, it could be smoking hot in the summer. Remove that back cover and let your device breathe.

A back cover or case has insulating properties, traps in the heat, and keeps your phone toasty. When you remove the case, the heat gets dissipated quickly.

Of course, if you carry a multi-purpose case like one with a battery in it or keeping your credit cards, you might keep it on for other purposes. But if you are chilling at home and the accessories are not in use so then, it would probably be best to take off the cover for a while.

3. Alter the settings in your phone

The god is in the details or is it devil, whatever, so to protect your phone from overheating, there are a couple of useful settings that you can customize.

The first one is to turn down your screen brightness, as it will use less battery, and hence, the device will heat up less. If your device has an automatic brightness feature on so then it might increase the brightness to maximum when outside. Consider it is turning off that might make it hard to see the screen but protect the device against excessive heat.

The second thing you can do is turn off Wi-Fi/mobile data when not in use if you don’t have to talk to anyone for a while so you can even turn on the airplane mode. That will save your battery, which is related to the temperature of your smartphone.

Some phones come with overclocked modes that help boost your smartphone’s performance if the power drains rapidly. If you don’t know about this feature or it is not available on your device so that this one could be tricky. As only some specific models have these gaming modes.

4. Don’t be so hard on your phone or push it to its limit

There are a bunch of things which you might do that’ll end up heating your device, whether it is a toasty day or not. If you are playing intense games, or editing photos or Instagram posts, or have plugged in the device for rapid charging, your phone might end up overheating.

If the day is already hot and you are doing any of the above activities, so with the efforts of two sources, your smartphone will quickly warm up and might cook your food as well. So if you can, do not play games for a while, charge the device at a regular or lower speed, and edit your photos once you are in a cooler area. Your smartphone will be thankful to you.

5. Avoid keeping it in your pocket

Avoid keeping phone in your pocket
Image source: thezorb

When you keep your phone in the pocket, so due to coziness, it could get hot. And also, sometimes, your pocket may press the device against your skin, helping it absorb heat from your body. Keep your phone out of tight jeans or trouser or shirt pocket, especially from coat or jackets. The last ones are most unlikely for warm weather, but still, keep a check on it.

If you are on the move, it would be best if you carry the phone in your bag, which will keep the device away from your body at least. And if you are relaxing somewhere, so you can take out the smartphone and leave it outside for a while, but make sure it is in your sight.

6. Don’t try to cool down your smartphone forcefully

Sometimes, actions taken to cool down your phone might end up damaging it.

Even if your phone has IP68 resistance, we wouldn’t recommend you to submerge your phone in water or wash it down under tap. That could be slippery, or you might leave it submerged for a long time or, in the first place, get confused with the IP ratings. Also, these measures do not have many favorable results.

Avoid refrigerating your smartphone in a fridge or freezer. Rapid smartphone cooling will cause condensation to get trapped inside the phone, damage it, and eventually void your warranty.

7. Purchase a smartphone cooler

Purchase a smartphone cooler
Image source: Flydigi

There are peripherals for phones such as a cooler, primarily designed for gamers, and use heat sink technology. The technology can keep your device cool even when it is supposed to be toasty.

The gadget is mostly cheap and could be purchased on Amazon and lasts for a long time. That could be a good deal if the overheating of the device is a recurring problem for you.

The phone coolers are available on Amazon US, UK, and Australia. You can choose those regions and place an order. The listed phone coolers keep on frequently changing, so that’s why we cannot attest to every listed gadget, but we have tested enough to let you know that the technology is quite useful.

8. Keep the phone under a fan

If you have second thoughts about a personal phone cooler or you think that it is not best for you, well, we have a low-tech alternative for that as well. Turn on your personal fan and put your device in front of it to get wind properly.

It would slowly cool down your phone so that it does not get damaged but minimizing the heat because of the day’s warmth or its normal operations.

This one will work better and keep your device cool if you combine it with other steps also according to the condition, maybe with steps 2 and 3, and even if you are in the path of the fan.

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