Step-by-Step Guide to Reset your iPhone or iPad

Are you having any glitches or trouble with the UI, or maybe you feel like there is a need for data cleaning in your device, or you just want to re-sell your iOS device? Then factory reset your iPhone or iPad today, and here is how to do it.

 iPhones and iPads keep coming in new variants, and being part of the ecosystem, we all would like an upgrade. So, if you’re also thinking of selling your current device, then it is better to wipe all your data from it. It’ll be convenient both for you and the buyer. Again, this bit applies if you’re handing over the gadget to someone else or giving it in for repair. However, don’t forget to securely take a backup of your data on disk or iCloud.

 Simply to do a complete factory reset of your iPhone or iPad by accessing the settings option. In there, go to General tab> Reset> Erase all content and settings. Then you need to enter your Apple passcode and official Apple ID to complete the task of factory reset.

 Factory Reset: Soft Reset Of iPhone

 Suppose you have accidentally locked your phone, and you’re stuck out. You can’t find any way to restart it as nothing works. The easy thing to do here is holding the power key and home button simultaneously, then continue it until the screen shuts off with the appearance of the Apple logo. Then you can release it, and your device will be working as usual.

 With variants that lack a home button, you can use volume keys. For example, in the iPhone X, you can first click and hold the volume up key and repeat the same with the down key, next holding the sleep button slider until you see the Apple logo. 

Ensure to Secure Your Data.

You just don’t reset your iPhone or iPad when you are looking to sell it out or hand it over. Sometimes there might be an error or problems that you’re encountering with your daily driver. To clear your iOS of such troubles, remember to take a backup of personal data. The apparent option for iOS users is iCloud, and you should use it. But previously, you should make a copy of your data by connecting your device to a system and logging in the iTunes on that computer system. Plug it in, wait for the unlocking, then proceed to the iTunes summary pop-up and locate the backup feature. Select the backup now and remember to opt for encryption if you’re backing up your passwords too.

how to backup iphone or ipad using itunes
Image source: 9to5mac

 After you’re finished with it, let’s jump into the reset process. In a scenario where you’re handing over your device to someone else, don’t forget to secure yourself via removing your SIM. It has our personal information, and you’ll need it.

 The following procedure has some snaps, which may vary for different iOS devices. If you own an iPhone or iPad, the process remains almost the same.


Click on the Settings icon, go to the General menu and locate the very end of the menu to find the ‘Reset.’

 Step 2:

‘Reset‘ itself is a sub-menu, and you’ll see a bunch of options there. Click on the ‘Erase All Content and Settings.’ In case you’ve set up a security code or passcode, you’ll need to enter that unless the reset won’t go forward.

Erase All Content and Settings.
Image source: Apple

 Step 3:

Then, you’ll need to enter the Apple ID password. This process is to secure your apple account and separate it from the current device. This process prevents the need for re-entering the Apple ID when the device reboots.

 Step 4:

Now, the device will go through the automatic resetting, and you’ll have to wait for it. After a minute or so, you’ll see the reboot, and a welcome screen will appear. You’ve effortlessly completed the reset process, and now your device is good to go in other hands or re-use.

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