How to Use Free Google Photos to Upload Your iPhone Pictures?

An iOS user gets 5GB of iCloud storage for free, and if the user wants to expand then, Apple provides premium iCloud storage plans. The least-priced plan starts at 0.99 USD/75 Rupees per month. Of course, the 5GB plan won’t work for everyone, in fact, for no one. Backing up your whole iOS device takes the same space almost. So, buying a premium plan is the only option or get a hard-drive. What if the user cannot afford to get one? In such cases, Google Photos could be your savior.

It is a free alternative to iCloud, which provides better accessibility and management by creating your photo library in cloud storage. If you are that user, so read further and find out how you can backup all your photos to Google without spending a penny.

How to back up photos from iOS to Google Photos?

  1. Install “Google Photos” from the Appstore on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Launch the app once it is installed.
  3. Now, select “Allow Access to All Photos.”
  4. Sign-in using your Google Account and select Back up as (your name).
  5. Select the High-quality option and tap on Confirm. That will start syncing your iOS photos to Google Photos.


  • Users also have the option to upload the photos in original quality but keep a check on the available storage of your Google Account, as that consumes a lot of space. 
  • If you have the bandwidth, there’s an option to “use Mobile data when there is no Wi-Fi,” and this ensures that all of your photos and videos are backed up intermittently.

Well, you have started syncing your photos and videos, what happens then?

When your photos and videos are uploaded to Google Photos, they are compressed automatically to free up more space for you. If your images are larger than 16-megapixels, then those will be resized to 16MP. And for your videos, if they are higher than 1080p so they’ll be resized to 1080p. Anything less than 16MP or 1080p may seem like the original quality. But it would be best if you kept this thing in your mind that the info like closed captions could be lost. So, if you are okay with all these, then you are ready to use the Google Photos’ unlimited free storage feature on your iOS device. Additionally, there’s an option in the Google Photos app of photo-sharing to share your uploads to other Google account.

What to do to upload pictures and photos in original quality to Google Photos?

As mentioned earlier, you have the option to choose to get your original quality videos and images synced to Google Photos. But it comes with Google’s limited free cloud storage service. Google is providing 15GB of free storage at present. That storage gets shared between Google Photos, Google Drive, and Gmail. The search-engine giant’s basic storage plan starts at ₹130 for a month. 

Making the most of Unlimited Free Space in Google Photos

That’s how one can upload photos from an iOS device to Google Photos and sync them. There are few alarm bells, but the free unlimited cloud storage is also cool. What do you think of this workaround? Share your workarounds in the comments section below if you know any.

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