Instagram Reels: How to Use it and Create TikTok Style Short Videos

Facebook has been testing Instagram Reels in many countries like Germany, Brazil, France and India. And Facebook got jackpot in India because just a few days ago Indian Government banned TikTok and TikTok users feel left out as they do not have a platform now. Instagram has provided an integrated feature for TikTok like short videos.

Reels is now available in India and is ready for testing, few days Instagram will monitor the response and then launch it finally.

Reels is an integrated Instagram feature, which allows you to make short videos and share it with your followers or everyone on your feed as you like. It also includes a lip syncing feature in it like TikTok, you can use someone else’s voice in a reel and create your own video. Since it is the feature of Instagram so it is available for every Instagram user.

How to use Reels and create Videos.

Reels is now available, as Instagram has updated the feature on 9th July. Since it undergoes a testing period so it might not be available for every user yet.
If you still do not get the update, just go to Google store and update your Instagram app to see if it’s available for you or not. It will be ready to use for all users in a couple of days.

Reels option available on the bar where you record your story videos or create stories for Instagram, that is right where the boomerang and handsfree options are.

Click on the reels option and start recording video by using Instagram music library. For this feature, Instagram has partnered with prominent music labels to provide a wide variety of music and audios.

How to create instagram reels
Image source: Indian Express

It also has the option for using pre-recorded audios and lips syncing option similar to TikTok, so you can recreate another user’s video by using their voices. It also gives you the option to record your original voice audio.

Reels provides editing option and also lets you delete the video whenever you want from the algorithm. As far as public accounts are concerned, they can share with the accounts they follow of anyone on their feed, it will be available on the explore page under the Reels tag.

Private accounts can share reels through stories, DM or can post them on their feeds.

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