iOS 14 Beta Out now and here’s how you can install it on your iPhone.

Here’s a guide on how to install iOS 14 Beta on your iPhone, and get to explore the features of The latest iOS 14 before its market release.

Apple announces the new version of iOS every June, This year they announced iOS 14 beta, packed with exciting features, To be released in September 2020. The announcement has left many of us curious about the coming updates, making the wait seem too long. If like most of us, you are unable to wait for the release then, here’s a step by step approach on how to install and run Apple’s iOS 14 and other Beta programs by Apple on your iPhone Devices.

iOS Beta

Every iOS update goes through a Beta phase, which is basically a pre-released testing version, before the official release. This Beta test version goes through several updates before its official launch. The two types of Betas available to use are –

Developer Betas which is specifically for Software developers and Public betas available for the general public. 

What is the ‘Beta version’?

Betas are essentially test versions of what the final update maybe like, even though they include most of the features of the Final update, it is still an unfinished software. This leads to Cosmetic differences along with minor glitches is ever-present. This is the reason Apple test runs its Updates to eliminate the glitches and improve the overall user experience. Due to the incomplete nature of the Software, the user might face some minor problems, in extreme cases however the device may get bricked by the Beta, thus disabling the device until the next Beta update comes along and fixes the problem.

Until now, Apple has released two versions of Developer betas of iOS 14, while only one public beta is released. This being an early stage in the development of the software, it is risky and unreliable. With the passage of time and more updates, the betas version will keep on improving, but This being a time-based pleasure there would be less to gain to install beta version before the official launch.

The risk is imminent, but suppose one still decides to install the iOS beta, its highly recommended to backup the device or use a secondary device altogether. This way if the software crashes or if its too buggy, the data won’t be lost and one can go to the last version. 

Here’s how one can install iOS 14 beta Public version

iOS beta public version is out now ready to be installed, on compatible devices (i.e. iPhone 6s and iPhones launched after that).

Instructions to install iOS public beta- 

  1. Register on the Apple Beta page by Signing Up with your Apple ID.
  2. Logging in the Beta Software (with the registered ID)
  3. Click on the option “Enrol your iOS Device” (Note: If already signed for last year’s version of a beta release, one may need to uninstall the old profile and re-enroll with a new one).
  4. Now go to on the iOS device. 
  5. Download the Beta version from there and install the configuration. 
  6. After following these steps, the beta version can be found in the settings, Under Software Update. 

Install iOS 14 developers beta in a few steps 

Apple has launched two beta developer versions as of now, the latest of the two is out to tested by the developers. A developer needs to test their apps against the Most up-to-date version of the OS in its development cycle. One needs to Register as a Developer with Apple, which usually costs $99 per year. 

Step by step process on how to install iOS developer beta- 

  1. Log in to using Apple ID.
  2. Find Menu ( Lefthand of the screen), go to downloads > Install iOS 14 beta Profile and press Accept. 
  3. Under Setting of your device, go to General settings >find iOS 14 profile.
  4. Install the iOS 14 by clicking “install” (Top right) 
  5. Go through the ‘Developer consent’ form, to be in sync with the terms and conditions. 
  6. Restart Device.
  7. After restarting the device, Go to Settings > General settings > Software Update > iOS 14 beta should be available to download and Install. 

Can Developers beta be used by the general public?

Developers beta is only offered to be used by the Developers, as the name clearly suggests, anyhow if someone is not a developer but wants to use the Developers version anyway it is indeed possible. It comes with its set of risks and defies Apple’s terms and conditions, also one would lose out on warranty assistance. 

Now in order to Install Developer Beta, one needs to download a copy iOS 14 beta profile from any non-Apple site. Once the copy profile is downloaded, Install (refer to the above-mentioned methods) and Start using the new OS.

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