iPhone 12 to cost less than iPhone 11 as Apple is starting its manufacturing in Bangalore

A new report suggests that after starting the manufacturing of the iPhone 11, Apple is going to begin manufacturing of iPhone 12 as well in India. According to the Business Standard report, the smartphone giant is spending a large sum for the process in its Bengaluru site. To support this report, we received another news of Wistron, one of Apple’s manufacturing partners, hiring around 10,000 workers for its Karnataka plant.

Furthermore, Karnataka’s ex-minister also tweeted that Apple will manufacture the iPhone 12 at Narsapura’s new facility.

The news and the reports are in line with the Make in India initiative as we expect that iPhone 12 will be more affordable than iPhone 11 since the flagship device will be made in the country.

When launched in India, iPhone 11 was also cheaper than iPhone XR. Due to the manufacturing of the iPhone 12 from the get-go, we can expect the price to be economical as there will be no import duty charges.

The estimate could not be entirely accurate, but we are expecting some affordable pricing. That will not only be helpful for iPhone lovers but also for Apple as many people do not buy the iPhone because of its high pricing in India compared to the US and other markets. Even at the slow growth, India’s smartphone market is quite big and can rise further. The affordable pricing will help the brand to increase its market reach, especially in India.

In 2020, the news is that the company might launch new iPhones with screen sizes varying from 5.4” to 6.7” in four different models. Apple has already declared the delay in the iPhone 12 release and could unveil the iOS phones in October.

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