iPhone vs Android comparison: Which one is better for you?

Finally, we have put an end to iPhone vs Android battle

While there are a lot of famous brands and options when you want to purchase the best smartphone, it is pretty evident that whichever smartphone you pick that would be running on one of the two major mobile operating systems; iOS or Android. The first one is for all the iPhones, and the latter is if you purchase anything else than an iPhone.

Having existed for more than a decade in the Indian mobile market, both of the platforms are quite fully-fledged with their own sets of pros and cons. There’s almost nothing that one can do and the other cannot, but still, there are a few things that might move your inclination towards one over the other.

We have shown the strengths of each Operating System in this iPhone vs Android mobile phone guide, so you get to choose what suits your needs the best.

In this not less than a battle of iPhone vs Android, let us first look,

Why is the iPhone better than Android smartphones?

iPhone 12: A New iPhone again!

By purchasing an iPhone, you will be a part of the Apple ecosystem. The reason here is not strong enough, but it is a fact that Apple has a wide range of tech products under its umbrella. So if you happen to own a MacBook, iPad, or Apple watch, buying an iPhone will make your life much more comfortable.

In the Apple ecosystem, there is a range of continuity features that help you to move work and information from one of its products to another. For example, the Handoff feature can help you manage your calls on iPhone or in the Mac OS whichever is convenient for you at that moment. Other features like Continuity camera and universal clipboard, allow you to use images and copied text on multiple iOS or Mac OS devices simultaneously. Continuity Camera is one of our favorites as it will enable editing on MacBook, right after you click a photo on your iPhone. Another fantastic option lets you complete your purchase on Mac by using Apple Pay on your iPhone.

A few selected Android phone manufacturers have been able to develop a hardware ecosystem but are not as convenient and efficient as Apple. For example, Samsung has its tech products that can be linked to one another, but their integration could not even come close to iOS devices. Giants like Google and Microsoft are also in the loop as Microsoft has developed ‘Your Phone’ android application for Windows, which helps Android users to answer texts and notifications through their PC. The user experience may be quite clunky, but the work is in progress.

Now that iPhone apps can be ported to Mac; it has made iPhone an essential factor in the continuity puzzle. There are a lot of other features and examples of the continuity option across all iOS devices. When you have friends and family, who prefer iMessage and FaceTime, there’s nothing more to say; you should definitely add an iPhone to your repertoire.

Furthermore, Apple has added another stone that you cannot leave unturned, or should we say magnet. It has iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, which is compatible with MagSafe Accessories, which are going to cause some resistance when you attempt to leave the Apple ecosystem.

UI and user experience of third party apps are way better.

iphone UI and user experience of third party apps are way better
Image source: Entrepreneur

It has been quite a time, and the people who have been back and forth between the Android platform and iOS device will be able to understand this better. The quality and UI of the iOS mobile application on the App store are just mind-blowing when we compare them to their best Android counterparts.

This is not universal but also depends on the personal experience and preferences of the users. For example, some people love the ‘Tweetbot 5’ for Tweeter on iOS, but they are not very fond of ‘Fenix 2’ on the Android system, as the latter strongly pales when compared to Tweetbot 5. Another good example is ‘Bear’ which is used on Mac and iOS is quite comprehensive and slick in performance. In contrast, there is no such notetaking app available for Android devices(when compared).

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Moreover, that was about individual apps, but even if we compare the apps from the established airline or banking companies, you will have a much smoother experience on iOS than Android. The apps are quite neat and have comprehensive integration with iPhone’s core features such as Wallet, which can add your boarding passes, movie tickets, etc. so that you don’t have to go back to the app and navigate to find your event passes. Apps like Snapchat are also buggy and sometimes doesn’t work on Android mobile devices as smooth as they do on an iPhone.

Availability and more extensive selection of accessories for iPhone.

Go to any nearby Reliance Digital or Croma store; you will see a lot of options when it comes to Apple. That is something that no Android company can claim. When you get past to a few selected flagship and trending phones, you will struggle even to see the name of your device. And don’t even think of getting a stylish cover for your LG handset or newly bought Pixel smartphone. The only option is to go to Flipkart or Amazon to get some rarely manufactured cases with as minimum as possible variants. Also, the quality will be so tattered that you might hate yourself for even getting a case for your phone, you may think ‘it looks nice when naked’ ;). 

When you own an Apple product, you get a lot of options and variants when it comes to iPhone cases, car mounts, screen protectors, and much more. That is quite important, as some people want to refresh their feel for their phone so get new cases, which will not be possible when you are using a year old LG handset or even a Pixel phone. But with the iPhone, you never go out of options.

No Bloatware on your brand new phone.

It doesn’t matter how or where did you buy your iPhone or which iPhone you buy when you boot the device up for the first time, there will not be any bloatware on your phone. Isn’t it great that you don’t have any power- or data-sucking apps which you did not ask for and you get a clean, fresh phone for you with good battery life?

That is quite a relief not to have anything on your new phone which is sabotaging things in the background. You get to set your device up according to you. On the other hand, when an Android phone is out of the box, it will give you dozens of bloatware which are already there sucking up the power and data as you turn that on. Even a big Flagship phone like the Galaxy Z Fold 2, after spending ₹1,49,999, will bring some pre-installed mobile apps with it. Phones from Xiaomi, Vivo, and Oppo should not even be mentioned in this case.

Frequent Software Updates.

When compared to an Android smartphone, iPhones get much regular software updates.
Image source: Popsugar

When compared to an Android smartphone, iPhones get much regular software updates.

There are various factors that affect the software update frequency on Android phones. Some of them are how expensive the phone is or what is the software support policy of the phone manufacturer.

When we talk about iPhones in this regard, there is no match with the software support the iPhone users receive from Apple. No matter what, iPhones get significant updates for many years from Apple. For instance, iPhone 6S got the latest iOS 14 update recently, even though the phone was launched in 2015 with iOS 9. On the contrary, Samsung Galaxy S6 was launched the same year as iPhone 6, and it has Android Lollipop 5.0. Let’s not focus on that now the device lacks the latest version, but the updates were also stopped many years ago. The device was able to reach as far as the Nougat 7.0 Android version, which was released for it after eight months of the launch of the update. That was when Samsung pulled the support plug for Galaxy S6. Makes a significant difference to us, what about you?

For iPhones, when an update is rolled out, it is available for installation on every supporting device instantly, not just for a few select ones at first and for the rest later on as Android. Android updates are launched in various phases to individual phones, not even models.

You might be wondering how is it an iPhone vs Android guide when we are only talking about is iPhone and its advantages over Android. We agree it’s been so much about iPhone, let us talk about,

Why is Android better?

Why is Android better
Image source: 9to5google

Smartphone availability at almost all prices.

A large portion of the world mobile device market is ruled by Android phones. The reason being, Android phones are manufactured by a lot of brands and companies, which increases the options in price. You get a lot of options and variants when you choose to get an Android device. In India, the cost of an Android phone can get as low as 2,999 INR and ends at the capacity of the buyer. There’s no bar when it comes to Android; you can spend as much as 5,999 INR and claim the features of the premium flagship phones.

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This versatility is not available in iPhones, and they are quite expensive when launched and only come at a low price after the launch of a new iPhone. At present, iPhone 11 is the only affordable iPhone considering the specs trend in the smartphone world, which costs around 54,990 INR at the moment. On the other hand, the OnePlus 7T is available at 37,999 INR, offering twice the RAM and internal storage than iPhone 11, an OLED display, and a 2x telephoto lens too. According to the ‘Tomsguide’, iPhone SE is the least expensive iPhone which Apple is selling right now, which is quite good in terms of performance but its design is dated, and the display could be pretty small for some.

More customizations.

Android has been more feasible in terms of personalization and customization.
Image source: Makeuseof

Over the years, both the platforms, iOS, and Android have been evolving, and they are still in the process of evolution. Yet, from the beginning, Android has been more feasible in terms of personalization and customization.

To start with, we have a home screen launcher that lets you choose and arrange various dynamic widgets in an Android phone. That also allows you to place your apps as per your convenience; it could be in the Android app drawer or on the main screen. That is something the iPhone is focusing on with its latest update, iOS 14. Till now iPhone allowed apps on the home screen only, which bothers a few Android users a lot. Furthermore, in Android, you can also download third-party launchers from the Google Play store, which allows a lot of personalization options.

In an Android device, you can also get help from the third-party apps for the core services of the phone like music player, web browsers, keyboards, themes, etc. You can also change the defaults in your mobile-device to third-party apps for functions like keyboards and media players, which in the iPhone is lacking. They have implemented a few things in this regard, but one may find the experience a bit clunky in iPhone than in an Android phone.

Furthermore, we have manufactured skins, where a few giant phone makers offer more customizable options over Google’s stock interpretation. For example, OnePlus offers OxygenOS and Xiaomi’s MIUI, they allow users to avail features like scrolling screenshots and hide/unhide files and media using encrypted folders and much more with their extra capabilities, which iPhone does not offer at the moment.

Storage Expansion.

Though many phone makers are following iPhone in this regard at present rest are still offering an additional slot where you can put an SD card to expand the storage capacity.

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That is one of the great options available in Android phones as iPhone, and other phone makers charge a whooping sum to double or quadruple storage capacity. What is the need to spend another few thousand bucks worths of a new phone on storage when you can buy an SD card in a few hundred bucks to store your files?

Also, when a lot of premium phones are not offering headphone jack nowadays including iPhone, some of the Android phone makers are still doing it for the people who love to listen to music in their wired headset.

USB-C as a Universal connector.

Android phone makers have started focusing on USB-C
Image source: Sammobile

In the last few years, Android phone makers have started focusing on USB-C, and they are working towards making it a Universal connector. That has been so helpful for the people who are always on the go and like to carry a single cable with them. USB-C is now available on many PCs and even the Nintendo console. A person can take a 60-watt chrome charger, and the same can power his phone, MacBook Pro, and even his Nintendo switch with a single cable, sounds like a good deal to us.

USB-C also is helping to open the opportunities for fast charging technologies. At present OnePlus 8T can charge from 0 to 55% in just fifteen minutes, wait for another 15, you get a 93% charger battery. Whereas iPhone is still stuck to lighting cable and now the giant has stopped including charger in the brand box.

File system and handling.

Where Apple has barred the file transfer to your PC and has limited that to only photos, it becomes quite frustrating when you have to deal with large music, documents, and media files. You end up having a subscription to expand the storage.

On the contrary, you can plug in your Android phone to your PC, drag and drop your files, just like the other drive connected to your computer, which means that you don’t have to carry the bulk documents and files which are not required daily, instead can be stored on your PC. 

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Furthermore, mobile devices such as Galaxy Note 20 allow you to work on your device in a desktop potential. This happens with their display projection option like the DeX interface. The versatile feature can give you the performance of a Chromebook or similar laptop on your premium Android phone.

Android users get their hands on emerging technologies first.

Apple has a massive stack of technologies and features in its chest, but, it is just one firm, with one mindset that might make it sedate. Whereas, there are a lot of companies working with the Android Operating System that makes it more challenging and versatile as well as a risk-taker. That means they are not afraid to merge with the emerging technologies, and they try to overcome their competitors, which in turn gives a lot of innovation and features for the Android users than iPhone maniacs.

Features like NFC, 5G, 4G LTE, OLED Display, Wireless and fast charging, water-resistance, in-screen fingerprint sensor, and much more were first available in Android phones than iPhone. Even the multitasking, multi-window support, and copy paste like significant breakthroughs were first landed on Android.

Apple too has given a few premia features as iPhone X was not the first one with face recognition for lock-screen, but that was the first which was secure and reliable than its counterparts in Android. The thing is, there are a lot of Android smartphones which are released quite frequently, and they run on Google’s platform; that’s why Android is first in terms of getting the essential breakthrough options.

So then it puts you in a dilemma that which one should you buy, the one with a great ecosystem or the other one with a lot of versatility and new features?

Also, when you purchase an iPhone, you get a convenient experience, less to think about, and less to worry about the accessories and support.

But when you buy an Android phone, you get to decide and choose from a wide range of options and features so you will have to do a lot of thinking before making the purchase. If you are very specific about your usage and choice of technologies, performance, then you will find Android more appealing and liberal. Though you might miss high-end apps and accessories, it will be quite fun to use the specs that you need.

The answer is pretty simple; it depends on your preferences and needs. We have shown you the pros and cons of both the OS. In this battle of iPhone vs Android phones, you are the one who gets to choose the winner.

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