17 Missing Features for Which You Might Ditch Whatsapp

Whenever you think of chatting or messaging online, the obvious choice is none other than WhatsApp messenger. WhatsApp stands to be the most popular instant messaging app in the world with a vast user base. We all love WhatsApp because it is quite a user-friendly app, and importantly, WhatsApp did many things first. This app is our favorite, but it doesn’t mean it’s perfect. It still needs some tweaks in it’s messaging service. Here we are going to show you the 17 features which are missing and can enhance WhatsApp even more.

 Features needed in WhatsApp in 2021:

WhatsApp messenger is not hasty in the introduction of new functions. The main reason behind that is WhatsApp itself, which is used by almost all smartphone users. So whenever the WhatsApp team wants to introduce new features, they have to optimize it for various devices and platforms like android, IOS, windows, etc.

Secondly, not everyone is looking for new experiences or technical changes, so the messaging platform must be careful.

We accept that the brand has its complications whenever they have to introduce new features. But as the times are progressing, we hope that WhatsApp will add these new features in their messenger.

  • Scheduled Chats
  • Locking or Hiding Display Pictures.
  • User Allowance Needed For Sending Unknown Messages
  • Muting particular contact in a group chat
  • Floating Chat Heads.
  • Backing up chats universally.
  • Parallel User Support.
  • Online backup encryption.
  • DND 
  • Hiding/Locking A Particular Conversation.
  • Separate App for iPad and Computers.
  • Time-limited message.
  • Anonymously Leaving Option For Groups.
  • Introduce More Group-Related And Access Control Functions.
  • Send Media In Original Size/Quality.
  • Whatsapp Call Recorder.
  • Restricting Forwards.

1. Scheduled Chats

The requirement of this feature arises due to our hectic lifestyles. You may get reminded of something out of the blue, but then realize that it’s too late or too early or time is not right. Well, with scheduled chats, you can set a timer on a message and leave it to get sent on its time.

There’s no need to worrying about remembering the message or noting it down when you have a scheduling option. WhatsApp doesn’t have such a feature shortly, it seems, but you never know what innovation is next. 

You can also take the help of other company APK, such as *schedule messages on WhatsApp* for this functionality. It does the job, but nothing compares to a household feature.

2. Locking or Hiding Display Pictures.

WhatsApp parent company Facebook has such a feature when you can lock your profile picture, and also, it doesn’t let you screenshot it. So in a way, your display picture is only shown to your friends. But being a personal messenger, WhatsApp needs to up the ante with the specific hiding.

Such functionality can be seen in its status feature where you can set the privacy or, in simple words, decide who can see your story. Hiding or locking your display picture from particular users means better protection of your privacy and WhatsApp activity.

3. User Allowance Needed For Sending Unknown Messages

Again you get to see this feature on most of the social media sites and apps. Facebook has it, and they should release it on WhatsApp too. The user permission or a message request should be required before sending a message to an unknown or new contact. Currently, anyone who has your contact can randomly hit you up, which should not be the case.

4. Muting Particular Contact In a Group Chat

Various social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram have a feature where you can just ignore or restrict users’ posts or messages. WhatsApp app has both mutes for a single user or group chats. But sometimes an annoying person is disturbing the whole group, and there should be an option to mute that one individual.

5. Floating Chat Heads.

Facebook messenger has one great innovation: the floating contact heads whenever you have a message. This feature allows you to talk with someone while not disturbing the current screen. These days many smartphone companies and android devices have this feature in calling and SMS apps.

We can’t see what’s the problem here for WhatsApp to introduce this convenient feature at last. However, many separate apps have been popular on app stores for this functionality. But nothing compares to an in-built function. Android version 11 is rumored to have such a feature for all chatting apps. But this would be limited to devices that get the update. So for the benefit of users, this function should be available in WhatsApp itself.

 6. Backing Up Chats Universally.

Universally here means the backup should be available on every device irrespective of the platform. A great example of this when you’re finally ready to buy a new iPhone or wanna lay aside your Apple device for an Android, you sadly can’t transfer your chat backup to other devices.

 WhatsApp is a huge part of our professional and personal lives. When you have to lose these chats, it is quite drastic. However, there are separate applications, but nothing works as perfectly as an in-app feature.

7. Parallel User Support.

When you can have multiple Instagram, Twitter, or FB accounts on a single app, why not WhatsApp. With new smartphones, most of the users have two sim-cards, and they should be allowed to use both numbers for dual accounts on the same WhatsApp. 

This feature is quite handy when you might have one ID for your business or profession and another for family and friends. However, there are apps like *Parallel Space*, but firstly they’re only android limited. Secondly, they don’t prove to be as secure and efficient as an in-app feature.

8. Online backup encryption.

Well, online backup encryption refers to cloud backups. Imagine a scenario where someone can monitor every message you send or every chat you do on WhatsApp? It is dangerous and scary. WhatsApp has made sure that no source in-between the servers can read your conversations, as the messages are end-to-end encrypted. But what about your backup on cloud storage? 

If someone hacks your cloud account or gets access, your privacy is ruined. So there needs to be online backup encryption.

9. DND 

We are often told to take a break in life, wish you could take a break from WhatsApp? Sometimes, you end up in a situation where you have to work on your smartphone but want to ignore Whatsapp texts. A distinct method is to apply DND, but that restricts every app on your phone. 

It would be great to have a specific DND feature in this messaging application with timing limitations to work efficiently and enjoy your experience.

10. Hiding/Locking A Particular Conversation.

Messengers like Hike is way ahead in this section. Recent versions of WhatsApp has given you an option for the overall lock on WhatsApp via fingerprint. But still, we can’t see any chat lock or option to hide a specific chat. Nobody likes others spoofing in personal matters, and that’s why WhatsApp should give a protected chat lock so you can send a message, hide it and relax even when the phone is in someone else’s hands.

Third-party apps have been available, but in-app ads and glitches don’t make them preferable.

11. Separate App for iPad and Computers.

Whenever we have to use WhatsApp on our desktops, we have to follow the tiring process of WhatsApp Web. It is not even an app but a site interface that will be available until you use it. Now it is time for WhatsApp to realize that it has one of the largest userbases in the world. 

They need to give hassle-free switching between devices. Also, even if we want to use our separate accounts on the desktop, let it be the case. 2020 demands different apps for both desktop and iPad. 

Dependency on a smartphone app to use WhatsApp elsewhere should end with this new feature. Telegram has done this effectively already.

12. Time-Limited Messages 

Some may argue that we have a delete for all features, but we all know how functional it is and its limitations. Time-limited messages are like timed explosives, especially when you send photos. Once you send the message and the receiver reads the message, they automatically disappear.

This feature is not the demand of the masses, but when you consider the usefulness, you’ll love it.

13. Anonymously Leaving Option For Groups.

You have your office groups, your friends’ group, your family group, this group, that group, and many more. Once in a while, it seems that there is an abundance of group chats on WhatsApp.

That is why we wish for a feature that should let you leave anonymously without letting anyone know that you’ve left the group. 

14. Introduce More Group-Related And Access Control Functions.

For this particular feature, we would like to take an example from the apps like Telegram and Hike. Telegram particularly has a channels feature for just sending out the content via admin. Also, in telegram groups, you have a larger capacity and member restriction.

Hike has group and app theme features, which will make the user experience exciting and give groups an individual touch.

15. Send Media In Original Size/Quality

Many users always prefer Telegram over WhatsApp for file sharing and downloading work. The reason behind that is, first of all, WhatsApp has a 16 MB size limit for media, which it even compresses and gives terrible quality.

 Secondly, you can share up to only a maximum of 100 MB file as a document on WhatsApp where Telegram’s recent version lets you send up to 2GB at one time. This is the one field where WhatsApp needs to do much better.

16. WhatsApp Call Recorder

Call recording is a controversial issue and is not much talked about. First of all, you shouldn’t record calls until you’re not allowed to do so. 

WhatsApp rarely releases something this controversial, and looking at the world perspective, they are never going to introduce it. Still, there could be a variant where WhatsApp calls can be recorded if both the callers allow the same. Using separate apps for this is risky and doesn’t always work.

17. Restricting Forwards.

We have all seen the jokes about WhatsApp news and WhatsApp repeated messages. With so many users, there has been a surge in spam and forwards. 

Restricting forwards will surely act as bliss in the current situation. You can just enable a switch, and no forwarded message should be received from then. If it is a bit technical, there could be a feature that your sent message should remain locked and can’t be forwarded.

So To Conclude:

You have just gone through the list of features we would like to see on WhatsApp. Well, while some features look hopeful, some might never become a reality. We just wish that apps like WhatsApp and other chat apps should become more user-friendly. Features like this are sure to make these apps more accessible and your life more comfortable. Here is a list of some innovations that could be done in messaging apps-

  • Personalized Emoticons.
  • Self-made stickers or emojis.
  • Particular Chat Themes.
  • Sms-messages or texts via the app.
  • A separate messenger for Windows, Mac, and others.
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