OnePlus confirms the launch of a new Phone. There is the air around the rumoured name OnePlus Z.

There has been a mystery since the beginning of 2020 over the OnePlus new phone. The rumoured names were OnePlus Z, OnePlus 8 lite and OnePlus more, but we did not get any official confirmation from OnePlus until now we do have information for you.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has recently dispersed the news that they are working on a new lineup of affordable smartphones. And a new smartphone could be the rumoured OnePlus Z or lite, although the name is not confirmed by OnePlus. In a forum post, you said: “We are bringing the premium, flagship experience… to a new, more affordable smartphone product line.” (Pete Lau).

Lau did not specify any details, so far there is only the news of the new phone and nothing more. We do not have the idea of what name it is called, or specs or when it will be launched. Although, Lau stated that it will first be launched in Europe, then in India.

Lau also sent a message to the tech media and the tech industry, He said in an interview “Our goal has always been to build leading products that provide the best user experience at a comparatively affordable price point. And since our ‘roots’ are actually in creating the best flagship smartphones, I see this part of our strategy as an important extension of the OnePlus value proposition” ( Pete Lau)

We derived two inferences from his statements. A-the new smartphone is going to be a cheap phone with an affordable price tag, specifically catering to the needs of mass users.

B – there may be a new lineup of smartphones ahead, which would be a huge launch for OnePlus. 

OnePlus Z or any other name? 

The name as we stated at the beginning of this article is not confirmed yet. But there has been hinting at  OnePlus Z thing. When Pete Lau tweeted about the Instagram account for OnePlus Z thing, which certainly narrowed down the name speculations. OnePlus Nord is clearly out of the picture, there will be a name related to OnePlus add X, lite, or Z lite.

It is irrelevant to draw conclusions based on the name of the Instagram page until OnePlus confirms the name. But given the information, we might accept the confirmation soon. 

The new Lunch can be expected to happen this year very soon.

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