Xiaomi’s MI Electric Toothbrush T100 Goes Official

Xiaomi launched the Mi Electric Toothbrush T100 in India on June 9. This toothbrush is
available for crowdfunding on the website. Priced at Rs 549, the company states that
the toothbrush has thin-tipped and ultra-soft bristles, a 30-day battery life (assuming brushing
twice a day) with USB fast charging, and a low-noise design. According to Xiaomi, the
shipping will start on July 15, with an additional charge of Rs 50 for shipping.

The company says this toothbrush has an innovative GMSoft sonic high-frequency motor
technology and an ultra-soft brush head. Its high-frequency motor is said to produce up to
18000 vibrations per minute for efficient removal of plaque and germs from your mouth.
Also, the company claims that the ultra-soft bristle is 93% thinner than that of regular
toothbrushes, which can reach the blind spots of your teeth.

The Mi Electric Toothbrush T100 features the Dual-Pro Brush Modes with EquiClean Auto
Timer. The two modes are- standard and gentle. The company states that the latter is
specifically for users with sensitive teeth. According to the company, the EquiClean Auto
Timer pauses after every 30 seconds to remind you to switch sides and turns off after 2
minutes. The meticulous design of this toothbrush also has an LED indicator to update you
about the battery life and charging status. The IPX7 waterproof design keeps this toothbrush
safe against splashes.

Xiaomi previously launched the Mi Electric Toothbrush T300 in the country through
crowdfunding. Priced at Rs 1299, the model came with a few unnecessary additional features
as compared to this one. Thus, due to its pricing and features, this model stands a better
chance to compete against existing electric toothbrushes in India. The current competitors of
the Mi Electric Toothbrush T300 include Oral B CrossAction for Rs 359 and Colgate 360
Charcoal for Rs 599.

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